I deal with painting as I deal with things, I paint a window just as I look out of a window. If an open window looks wrong in a picture, I draw the curtain and shut it, just as I would in my own room. In painting, as in life, you must act directly.

— Pablo Picasso (via pablopicasso-art)





By François Leroy

I am alone again and I want to be so; alone with the pure sky and open sea.

— Friedrich Nietzsche (via journalofanobody)


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Anonymous: you changed your personal acc tumblr, what is it now?

I have never had a “personal” tumblr account. The closest to be personal has always been and keeps being this one though, I’ve not changed it! It’s only that I’m on holidays so I can’t post too much right now. I will come back on October ^_^


I wanted to do something with lots of colours, graphic and somewhat editorial so I chose to create a piece based on an article about people being bad at cooking. Here’s the article http://life.nationalpost.com/2014/05/08/six-kitchen-skills-most-aspiring-home-cooks-lack-from-searing-to-emulsifying/ 


Paul Klee

Boats in the Flood

c. 1937


northmagneticpole: Seoul, South Korea-Momomi


Arkhip Kuindzhi
Roofs. Winter.


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Chion-in, Kyoto / 知恩院(京都) Kaoru Honda

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